Three Mba Students Awarded Fmc Technologies Fellowships

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The results: Highly materialistic people, when faced with a mortal threat, reported much higher levels of post-traumatic stress symptoms and impulsive and compulsive buying than their less materialistic counterparts. “The relationship between materialism and stress may be more harmful than commonly thought,” Ruvio said. For the second part of the study, the researchers set out to examine the factors behind the effects of materialism observed in Israel. They commissioned a survey of 855 U.S. residents and asked about their materialistic nature and fear of death.
This article has been curated from When the going gets tough, the materialistic go shopping

The prestigious award, which supports graduate students in engineering, chemistry, business administration, and related fields, includes a $12,000 fellowship, a tuition waiver, and coverage of mandatory fees. Kushwaha pursued an undergraduate education in electronics engineering, and upon graduation, secured positions as an engineer for Tata Consultancy Services, then consultant for Capgemini. “By 2012, I’d played the roles of a researcher, engineer, business analyst, and consultant. I wanted to learn more about business strategy and operational excellence, which led me to pursue an MBA,” she says. The recipient of the Illinois Dean’s Fellowship and the Forte Foundation Fellowship (the only student in the incoming class to receive both), Kushwaha also serves as the president of Women in Business. “The slim number of women in upper management is something I want to change.” Prior to his time at ILLINOIS, Uhl worked as an engineering manager for VMS-Maschinenbau GmbH, a firm that designs and builds filling and packaging machinery. Then, he says, “I interned at one of the largest family-owned companies in Europe, Voith GmbH, in their strategy/in-house consulting. That or business development in a tech-based company—or my own startup—is what I’m interested in pursuing.
This article has been curated from Three MBA students awarded FMC Technologies Fellowships


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