Government Resources To Help Market Your Business Overseas

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According to recent reports, mobile marketing will generate $400 billion in sales by 2015. MYQROsites offers one option to reach customers through a device they already use – their smartphones. Use QR Codes to Promote Your Mobile Site MYQROsites offers a service that allows customers to create mobile sites promoted through a custom generated QR code. You’ve probably seen these already in magazines and other ads – they’re a square, 2-D barcode you can scan with your phone’s camera. Scanning the QR code sends you directly to a mobile website.  The benefit of using QR codes is speed and convenience.  “It’s a quicker way to get to information than making someone type in a URL,” said Jon-Mikel Bailey, a principal at Wood Street Inc. and Kicking Apps LLC , which created MYQROsites. The service allows business owners to manage their mobile sites themselves and upload photos, videos and other content for a monthly fee.
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Trade fairs and shows allow you to introduce international buyers, distributors or representatives to your products or services. You’ll also be able to meet other small business owners and gain their insight about what’s worked for them, what hasn’t worked and get an insider perspective about what could be in store for you as well. There’s a  searchable list to find official trade missions and trade events sponsored by the International Trade Administration of the U.S. Department of Commerce. One-On-One Counseling The government provides counseling to companies at every step of the exporting process, so you can get personalized advice about your marketing inquiries from a specialist near you.
This article has been curated from Government Resources to Help Market Your Business Overseas


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